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Who is MRV?

MRV Dairy Solutions is a premium dairy intelligence service that is comprised of  industry experts who focus on Dairy Category Management support for our clients. MRV helps buyers with their dairy buying to maximize profit and efficiency within the dairy category. Similarly, MRV Dairy Solutions brings the dairy buyer and the dairy supplier together to increase their respective opportunities. 

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MRV Evolution

Since 1996, MRV Dairy Solutions has been making dairy buying simply better for dairy buyers and category managers. Since its inception, MRV has identified too many instances in which dairy buyers and category managers were not receiving the best pricing both in the short term and the long term. MRV Dairy Solutions set about to compile the most robust and complete data available. With each year, we gain even deeper insight into the most appropriate prices and solutions for products, regions, dairy segment, delivery programs, and more. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, stronger buyer-supplier relationships, and business growth for everyone.

We have evolved our systems to support the ever-changing dairy market prices. MRV has professionals throughout the country providing you coverage and support regardless of your location or that of your additional facilities or operations. Our team members know your dairy segment and regional dynamics.  

We have continued to develop and refine our tools for our clients to better track their own dairy category and understand their opportunities. MRV’s evolution continues to uniquely position us to better support your success.  

How We Do It




We improve our clients’ profit position in the dairy space. MRV Dairy Solutions currently manages clients of all dairy segments in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This gives MRV Dairy Solutions unique insight and comprehensive understanding of suppliers and product costs for program development and execution for both small and large companies.

Purchasing within the dairy category at the right price has always been complex and difficult. For this reason, MRV helps educate the client on dairy market dynamics while also helping them navigate the ecosystem effectively. MRV tracks your costs and helps you negotiate effectively. 

These tools help you thrive with your success in the dairy category.  

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