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MRV leverages a proprietary database and tools with information which help us develop and negotiate a better Dairy program with you now and ongoing as prices fluctuate in the market.

MRV helps make your dairy buying process simpler with only minimal work up front. We identify an approach that clients repeatedly confirm saves them time and money.

MRV is not a broker. We work alongside you, the client, to help support you and your advancement in the dairy category.

Simply go to the Contact page and fill out a few questions to get you started. An MRV professional experienced in your specific dairy segment and geography will support you.

The choice is yours; the longevity of our partnership depends on how long you’d like to continue saving. We specialize in the Dairy category and are confident in our proprietary tools and data to get you the best price for your Dairy program.

When we began in 1996, MRV stood for “Milk Retail Volume.” As our brand has grown and expanded within the Dairy category over these last 25 years of business, we have seen MRV become synonymous with making dairy buying simple and effective. With that experience and brand integrity, while we have enriched our proprietary systems to deal with all situations regarding milk and their pricing, we have maintained the “MRV” in our name. MRV Dairy Solutions does not expand into any other market; dairy is what we do and who we are. We care for your Dairy category by supporting you and your business while saving you time and money!

MRV is a nationwide company covering all 50 states and all facets of businesses that buy and sell milk and dairy products across multiple dairy segments. Learn more on the About page.

MRV was established in 1996. We have been taking care of our clients by providing them critical information within the dairy category for more than 25 years. Read more about MRV Dairy Solutions on our About page.

No, MRV is not a GPO, however, MRV counts many GPOs as clients and partners as they recognize the value we bring to their members. We use our proprietary tools and information to negotiate your price now and as prices continually fluctuate month to month, GPOs continue to recognize MRV’s positive impact.

Dairy pricing fluctuates constantly. We find clients who might have been able to get a slightly lower price initially with their supplier, but they are not able to keep those savings consistently month after month over their entire portfolio. We bring suppliers and buyers together to increase their respective opportunities.

The supplier choice ultimately is yours. We present information to enable you to make better dairy buying decisions. We find many clients keep their existing supplier and others who find additional and new options as well.

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