Dairy Segments

Food Service

Food service providers of all types continue to battle changes in consumer behavior, dairy prices, and supply issues. Additionally, with the country finding its way after a global pandemic and varied geographic restrictions, there are many challenges that directly impact your business.  

MRV recognizes these external forces and that dairy buyers and replenishment managers in the Food Service industry face these unique dynamics:

  • Supplier capabilities
  • Product mix
  • Storage
  • Delivery services
  • Policies and procedures


Improved Service

We enable the dairy buyer to better navigate dairy costing and dairy pricing, leading to a stronger negotiation position yielding increased sales and margins. This also provides the food service dairy buyer more time to manage other business categories, thereby expanding efficiencies and maximizing profits. 

MRV becomes an extension of your team and you become a better dairy buyer, leading our food service clients to continue to appreciate our unique pricing model. 

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