Dairy Segments

How You Buy Dairy

Fresh and intuitive dairy information is paramount to understanding the ever-changing dynamic dairy category. MRV Dairy Solutions provides the solutions and most timely up-to-date information so our customer category managers perform at their highest possible level to create and manage the best dairy programs for their companies.

While buying and managing dairy is certainly different than buying for other categories, buying dairy for different dairy segments is equally as specific. MRV considers four major Dairy Segments in our go to market strategy:

Within these segments, the dairy category is complex as it relates to fluid milk, by-products, ice cream, and frozen dairy desserts. We approach each segment recognizing their respective unique needs not only in the dairy buying process, but in the supply chain and their operational needs, restrictions, and challenges.

Customers have appreciated this specific approach that supports their efforts as it makes their own jobs more effective and more productive. MRV brings a team of professionals and decades of information and experience in these dairy segments. This provides assurance that each MRV Dairy Solutions team member is speaking your language around your business and your specific dairy buying experiences with your opportunities, short-and long-term.

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