Dairy Segments


Institutions consume dairy differently than other dairy segments. MRV Dairy Solutions recognizes this and takes it into account when supporting dairy buyers at primary and secondary schools, hospitals, government facilities, universities and more. Supplier responsibilities differ with more unique needs such as limitations on delivery times and days, inconsistent volume as student and deployment calendars rotate, and onsite delivery requirements.

MRV Dairy Solutions’ role in this segment is to support the institutional dairy buyer and manager to understand additional nuances of the industry to make better dairy buying decisions. This education also leads to establishing even more strength and success in their role. Many of our customers acknowledge initially feeling as though they could “do it themselves,” but then found new levels of savings with MRV Dairy Solutions.

Better Supply and Better Buying

We support the dairy buyer in navigating dairy costing and dairy pricing that leads to a stronger negotiation position yielding increased sales and margins. Enabling more efficient activity within the dairy segment also provides the institutional dairy buyer more time to manage all dairy categories (fluid milk, by-products, ice cream, and frozen dairy desserts) and other business categories, thereby expanding efficiencies and maximizing profits.

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