Dairy Segments


There are unique challenges to buying dairy to use in product manufacturing or for contract manufacturing/co-packing. MRV Dairy Solutions’ professionals have worked in this dairy segment for years and support many clients in these processes. You have a more limited product portfolio with specific volumes often not found in other dairy segments. Totes and tankers require different ordering, delivery, storage, treatment, cleaning capabilities and more.

The balance of your respective needs of those variables with supplier reach and services makes an impact on your pricing. MRV Dairy Solutions provides manufacturing clients additional information to streamline operations and identify the specific needs from suppliers so you can buy dairy more effectively and efficiently. We help you navigate the manufacturing dairy segment to align the right supplier—and often suppliers—with your resources and pricing needs. 

Ongoing Savings

Negotiating the best pricing for you is not a one-time discussion. With the market changes in dairy pricing in appropriate classes for products purchased, maximizing your profitability takes consistent support, leveraging MRV Dairy Solutions’ proprietary tools and data to maintain the best pricing for your dairy product manufacturing needs.

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