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The retail industry is a lean business. Grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores/pharmacies, mass retail, and dollar stores see margins squeezed while balancing the proper consumer experience. This includes the appropriate product mix, delivery, date codes, staffing, inventory, and pricing—both buying and selling. 

In chain store environments, you are also looking at geographic and seasonal variables and often a balance of suppliers based on delivery range, service type, and pricing. MRV Dairy Solutions’ role in this segment is to support the retail dairy buyer and category manager to understand additional nuances of the industry to make better buying decisions. This education also leads to establishing even more strength in their role.

Our Approach

We support the dairy buyer in navigating the dairy supply chain, dairy costing, and dairy pricing that lead to a stronger negotiation position yielding consistent inventory and increased sales and margins. Enabling more efficient activity within the dairy segment also provides the retail dairy buyer more time to manage all dairy categories (fluid milk, by-products, ice cream, and frozen dairy desserts), thereby expanding efficiencies and maximizing profits. We become an extension of your team and you become a better dairy buyer.

Our retail customers continue to appreciate our unique pricing model.

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