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Gone are the days when a diverse dairy portfolio meant merely maintaining different sizes of a product. Consumers are now spending more time with nutrition labels and less time with those hard-to-pronounce ingredients and artificial additives. More people are focusing on better health and new tastes.

MRV understands the market and these emerging dairy products. More importantly, we are experienced in identifying and vetting sources, logistics, costing, and more. For each product that might seem to lose favor, often a new iteration or twist on the product emerges to pique consumer interest. Below are some of the latest specialty dairy products. Contact us to learn more about how these would fit into your dairy product portfolio.

Dairy consumers’ tastes continue to evolve, often as a result of an evolution of perceived health benefits and lately, environmental concern.

MRV helps dairy buyers identify, source, and incorporate  Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) dairy products. ROC is the highest standard for agriculture around the world with a focus on soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness for farmers to produce nutritious food as well as care and consideration for the land. ROC is overseen by the 501(c)3 nonprofit Regenerative Organic Alliance.

MRV connects and aligns you with the proper ROC suppliers to bring you these high-standard products at the best prices. The results for your business will be more options for discerning customers, increased revenue, and higher margins.

We are working with some of the country’s largest ROC dairy farmers, and processors. If you are looking for the next level of organic dairy products, and need help, MRV Dairy Solutions will provide the necessary guidance, at no charge to you. Contact us today to get started.

Consumers have always scrutinized butter and because of that, the industry continues to provide different options.

Lately, ghee (almost entirely free of lactose and casein), and high butterfat products have been gaining recognition and appreciation. These products provide consumers flexibility for taste, health, and cooking. (Traditional butter is 80% butterfat while specialty butters range from 82% – 86%.) With new variations and approaches come new manufacturers and new supplier channels, logistics and pricing.

With a reported 80% of supermarket foods contain ingredients emanating from genetically modified crops, but nearly half of US consumers overtly avoiding GMO foods, the need to incorporate non-GMO dairy foods in your dairy product portfolio is paramount.

It takes time and effort to find the right non-GMO products for your portfolio with consideration to ingredients, pricing, accessibility, and labeling, especially with 2022 welcoming in a new USDA requirement for food manufacturers to label all foods containing GMO ingredients. MRV Dairy Solutions can help you stay ahead of this quickly changing landscape.

Consumers concerned with how and where their food is produced are seeking out grass-fed dairy products in much higher numbers.

Claims supporting grass-fed dairy products include healthier products richer in beneficial fatty acids, lower in more harmful Omega-6, better cattle health and function, and lower production costs.

Grass-fed farms need to provide and manage multiple pastures, lower livestock count, pasture composition, soil fertility, and more. This yields fewer farms providing dairy products that many people want and more need for a variety of health limitations and concerns. MRV Dairy Solutions helps you find those suppliers and identify how to best incorporate those products into your dairy product portfolio.

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